Coaching access

What Can I Expect With The Natural Fertility Coaching Package?

Many customers recieve personalized coaching to help improve their chances at conceiving and maintaining a viable, healthy pregnancy. Though I am not a medical doctor, I have been able to provide valuable coaching for many women and have helped them achieve their dream of having a baby. I am happy to offer you suggestions in the hopes to help you achieve your dream, too.

Your coaching experience will be delivered via email. Every woman is different, every body is different, every plan will be different to some extent. I can get a whole picture of what is going on with your body and offer suggestions for herbs and other supplements or products to help regulate and/or enhance different organ and system functions throughout your body that may just need a boost to get you to where you want to be… pregnant! You’ll need to provide as much detail as you can, including things you might find innocuous like often feeling cold to something specific like the results of certain fertility tests.

You’ll have email consultation privileges for up to three full months. During which time you can keep me abreast of your cycle, doctor visits, tests results, et cetera. I can offer suggestions, strategies, and encouragement. For those who are tired of feeling alone during this process this package is a great opportunity to share your feelings and experiences with someone who has been in your shoes.