Resource Guide

What is the Herbal Baby Resource Guide?

The Herbal Baby Resource Guide is a companion to the Herbal Baby tincture.  It is a twelve-page booklet that offers suggestions for women to help optimize or enhance their overall health and chances of conception. This Guide can be used in conjunction with or separately from Herbal Baby. Specifically, there are suggestions for detoxification products, whole body boosting products, daily supplements, things to do to help enhance the body, and a handful of individual herbs beneficial for specific issues, such as: endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, missing or unusual menstruation, egg enhancing products, stress/anxiety reduction, low libido, low sperm count (for men, obviously), and herbal formulas for miscarriage prevention. The booklet is a compilation of what I feel are the highlights to reproductive health based on my research and experience over the past decade.