Benefits of Simply Bouncing!

It may sound odd, but Mini Trampolines are excellent for your health. While training with a Native American medicine man, I was introduced to the idea of using a trampoline for health, not just exercise. Using a trampoline offers several specific benefits; including aiding the lymphatic system, circulatory system, immune system, toning muscles, adding oxygen to the body, and so much more.

You do not need bounce aggressively. The important motion is the vertical movement of the body to get the fluid moving from head to toe. You can stand on a trampoline with your feet or you can even use the trampoline on your knees. You do not need to lift your feet/knees off of the trampoline to yield benefits, though you may prefer to make the most out of the exercise by doing so. Then, move up and down for 15 minutes a day!

The lymphatic system maintains fluid balance in the body and protects the body against infection and disease. Strong circulatory and immune systems both need a strong lymphatic system to be in optimal working order. The circulatory system has sufficient blood volume to operate properly because of the fluid recovery by the lymphatic system. Reproductive organs need sufficient circulation to function properly and to have the support and blood flow necessary to host your future baby! Good luck and happy bouncing!

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