The Virtues of Castor Oil!

Castor oil is a remarkable aid for women with fertility issues, cysts, endometriosis, painful menstruation, and/or history of miscarriage.  This is strictly for external use. You can buy castor oil individually or in a pack at Whole Foods or nearly any health food store. Directions may vary; however, this is how I was taught.

Spread oil liberally on skin over pubic bone to below navel and from edges of pubic bone (roughly one side to the other side of your torso). Oil should be thick, but not so thick that it is dripping all over the place. Place the flannel material that comes in the pack over the oil. Cover that with plastic wrap so the oil doesn’t seep through. Use a heating pad on top of the plastic wrap for 30-60 minutes 3-8 consecutive days and/or as necessary. If you have a very hot or moist heating pad you may want to add a towel over the plastic wrap and under the heating pad to keep the heating pad from getting your body too hot.

You can use this after: birth, surgeries, and/or miscarriage. You can use this with the hope to help shrink a cyst or tumor and relieve endometriosis and/or painful menstruation. Generally, it is not recommended to use the castor oil pack during menstruation.

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