Guys: They’re Important Too!

Infertility is notably a woman’s issue … But, interestingly, studies report nearly 30% of reported infertility cases to be caused by a factor usually associated with sperm production, sperm blockages, and/or sperm delivery.

When a woman undergoes a fertility evaluation, her partner should do his part by having a semen analysis.  Needless to say, testing for a woman is more invasive than for a man.

Consensus says, you should try to conceive once a day to every other day, optimally, around ovulation.  Too many times in one day can decrease the chances of successful conception due to low sperm count as the sperm may not have enough time to regenerate.  On the other hand, abstaining in an effort to ‘save up’ sperm is not optimal as the quality of the sperm decreases after three days without release.  Make sure to tell your partner not to masturbate on days that you are trying as this will lower the number of sperm when it comes to trying to create your little miracle.

Some products and/or conditions that can negatively affect sperm include: smoking, excessive use of alcohol and some recreational drugs, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, hormonal imbalances, liver or kidney failure, un-descended testicle, nutrient deficiencies, and some medications.

Try to avoid excessive heat to avoid potentially negatively affecting sperm count. Here are some examples of things you will want to avoid: snug underwear, laptops actually sitting on your lap, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and long bike rides.

I certainly hope this information is helpful. In addition to the suggestions here, the Herbal Baby Resource Guide (that accompanies Herbal Baby) offers some herbal suggestions to help enhance male fertility.  Best wishes!

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